I believe that a diverse knowledge base is key to creative problem solving. So I treat every experience - from designing predictive models to herding unpredictable goats - as a learning experience.

I’m fascinated by challenging problems that affect lots of people, and committed to helping engineer interdisciplinary solutions. My particular areas of interest include hazard modelling, regional risk assessment, and decision-making at the personal and societal scales.

I’m currently pursuing those interests as a graduate engineering student at Stanford University. Before moving to the Bay Area, I amassed a diverse set of industry experiences in engineering consulting, scientific publishing, higher education, and nonprofit development.

I’m passionate about serving my community through youth mentorship and fundraising for public health initiatives. As a woman of color, I’m also passionate about creating inclusive spaces in STEM.

In my free time, I read a lot and write a little less. I love making prints and conversation. When I’m not modeling structures or writing code, you can find me in the nearest art museum or state park. My miscellaneous life goals include penning an advice column, taking a decent selfie, and having a cameo on a British murder mystery show.